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Camper & Bus Magazine 2011
Road Trip – Scotland via California by James & Caroline Peene
“..Now I’ve eaten a lot of cake in my time, but the homemade cakes sold here are the best ever. Fact! None of the china matches and there’s a charmingly ramshackle feel about the place. There’s also a massive feeding station behind a ginormous window you can sit at and watch flocks (I kid you not) of chaffinches, blue tits, woodpeckers and other birds I don’t know the names of – and red squirrels, too. It’s a magical place and we went back the next day for more cake.”

Chat Magazine 2011
While out walking we got talking to a local who told us about a nursery with ‘a wee teashop’… The Inshriach Nursery and Potting Shed Tearoom serves homemade cakes to die for, with freshly brewed tea in old-fashioned crockery your granny would be proud of! No skimping on portions, either – the Chocolate Nut Crunch cake with pears, chocolate, hazelnuts and cream replaced any calories I’d worked off earlier in the day. There is also a viewing gallery to watch birds and squirrels which pop in to use the feeders.

Dan Lepard from Observer Good Food guide visited us in 2007 and nominated us in his article as one of Britain’s top ten cake shops:
The Tearoom at Inshriach Alpine Nursery

It’s rare that a tearoom lives up to expectations. I tend to avoid anything labelled ‘farmhouse’ or ‘traditional’, those two words typically are used to sell nasty, mean cooking. This one inspired me, run by Gunn Borrowman and her husband, and tucked away among the potplants like Skye Gyngell at Petersham Nurseries. It’s packed all the year round (open seven days a week, unbelievably), a bit of a secret treasured by the locals where every cake is honestly made without shortcuts. Try the pear cake with macadamia nuts, a gluten-free raspberry and rhubarb cake and salty crushed peanuts simmered in a rich caramel and drizzled through moist chocolate cake mixed with milk and bitter chocolate melted together.

The Travel
So magical and enchanting it could be written into a Harry Potter book. Everyone who visits this corner of the world should visit the Potting Shed. So popular with ramblers and visitors to the estate, this tea time treasure was recently nominated one of Britain’s top ten cake shops. The potting shed is a cheerfully twee tearoom, with an observing gallery to the multitude of birds and squirrels attending the midair feedings. The homemade cakes are heavenly, more Gatto than sponge cake. The strawberry cake was four layers high, laced with lashings of cream, sponge and pilled high with fresh strawberries. This is all washed down with English tea served in giant theatrical tea pots.

The Scottish Homebaking Award
“The potting shed in Inshriach Nursery is just outside Aviemore and quite remote but my is it worth visiting for the fabulous cakes alone.Owned by a scandanavian lady the baking is all beautifully different flavours and flamboyant. The potting shed is exactly as its title but with a quaint old fashioned feel and a wonderful view outside onto a bird feeding station. There were all sorts for twitchers and non twitchers alike .I sampled the peanut and caramel cake and the chocolate heaven cake -both were exceptional and fresh as you like. A fantastic pit stop if you are looking for something a wee bit different. Excellent.”

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Top Ten Alpine Gardens from The Telegraph
“What better way for a nursery to display alpine plants to their greatest effect than in a series of demonstration gardens. In screes, on peat walls and in bog gardens can be found an extensive collection of plants, including meconopsis, gentians and primulas.”

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From The Guardian
“Try the Potting Shed at Inshriach Nursery, 10 minutes from Aviemore. This cosy tearoom offers possibly the most mouth-watering homemade cake you’ll ever to . You can also wander around the wild garden and take home a plant or two from their nursery.”

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Extract from
“…Immediately you enter the tearoom, you can’t think straight. You have just entered Decision World and at some point, the lovely lady behind the counter will need answers. You have entered homemade sponge cake heaven. Choose between a slice of creamy heaven with strawberries or a slice of even creamier heaven with seemingly every type of fruit known to man, woman and child. Having made your decision, the cakes are served on fancy china crockery complete with one of those little dessert forks. This is a cake experience second to none!”
“…If you can’t resist beautiful plants as well as garden centres, you will be delighted with this great beauty spot. this is a plant nursery with a difference!”
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In 2007 we were selected by RSPB members as the “Favourite Bird Feeding Station in Scotland.”
A specialist nursery for Rock and Alpine plants set in a most beautiful location. The demonstration gardens were originally laid out in the 1940s and are gradually being renovated and extended. They also have an excellent Tea Room – I haven’t tasted the tea yet, but the coffee is excellent and the home-made cakes are fabulous – well worth a visit in its own right even if you don’t like gardens! There are windows all along one wall looking out into the branches of a pine forest where feeders bring masses of birds and red squirrels for you to watch.

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“…we had a date to keep with one of the best cake shops in Scotland in the unlikely setting of Inshriach Nursery where we had mountains of cream-laden cake and mugs of tea like the true faux-adventurers we were.”
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“…Rather than go straight up the mountain we went for a treat at Jack Drakes’s Inshriach Nursery. It is a great place to indulge yourself even if you are not a fan of plants and all things Alpine! They have a place called the “Potting Shed” which serves teas and coffees and the most amazing Norwegian cakes. You need to go as no description does them justice! While you sit and indulge yourself you look out on to an amazing array of bird feeders and there are regularly Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Siskin, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Pheasant and best of all, Red Squirrels. They come and feast themselves on the peanuts right in front of you giving great views.
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